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This site is an online resource for Romantic Circles assistant editors, section editors, contributors, staff, and—once the RC archives have been populated on this site—researchers in the field of Romanticism. We also welcome fellow travelers in the digital humanities. Feel free to contact the current RC tech editors if you have any questions or comments about the content here.

Romantic Circles is a digital humanities platform featuring digital editions of Romantic-era texts, contemporary scholarship, DH projects, and pedagogy resources. This is RC's documentation site, created to serve as a training, development, and production companion for RC technical editors and anyone else interested in DH work. In the attached documentation, you'll also find RC's house style documents and other resources intended for section editors, volume editors, and contributors.

RC screenshot

This resource is a static site generated using Jekyll and hosted through GitHub Pages. Jekyll generates HTML pages from a template directory containing raw text in various formats (notably Markdown and Liquid) and turns them into a static site perfect for simple blogs or documentation sites like this one. This implementation is built on the Jekyll Doc Theme by Can Güney Aksakalli.

dh publication guide

The Publication Guide in this documentation provides walkthrough instructions for RC's digital humanities (DH) publication cycle, which involves TEI encoding, transformation to HTML via XSLT, and web publication on our Drupal CMS. We've made this guide public in the hope that other DH publications may find it useful.

backend guide

The RC site is a Drupal installation on Acquia, a managed server platform for Drupal sites, and has several codebases versioned by git. The technical documentation covers all aspects of developing and maintaining the Drupal site and its server environments.

jekyll guide

This static site is generated by Jekyll from collections of Markdown files shaped by simple HTML, CSS, and Liquid. The Jekyll Guide walks you through installing, developing, and maintaining a Jekyll site hosted (free!) on GitHub pages (this documentation site). You could even use this guide to try building your own Jekyll site.

rc content archive

Upon its migration to Drupal 10, RC decided to archive content produced before the initiative began to encode documents in TEI, around 2009. The RC Archive will, in time (~2025) house this archived content on this site in Markdown format.